C9 Items Giveaway!

C9 Giveaway_1280x780

C9 Items Giveaway!

C9 Giveaway_1280x780


Today started a new giveaway in cooperation with Webzen, this giveaway grant you a free jumped character thats mean your char will be instant level 50.

But! thats not all you still a bundle of items with a “worth” from 10$ for free!

But don´t forget ! This giveaway is just as long we have keys!


Item key Benefits

Each code can be redeemed for C9 Supporting Package ($10 worth) including;

l  PC Café Premium Service – Extra EXP/Stamina/Dungeon clear reward

l  Extreme Training x5 (1hour) – Extra EXP

l  Skill Reset Scroll (14days) – Can reset Skill

l  School Gear Set (7days) – Costume

l  Resurrection scroll x5 – Can revive on Dungeon

l  Soul : Prelude of Storm (7days)– Gives extra status


How To Redeem Your Item key*

1)      Visit http://c9.webzen.com/ to download the game client and install CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL. If you are new to WEBZEN, please create an account.

2)      Choose a server.

3)      Create a new character.

4)      Visit http://c9.webzen.com/events/redeem and enter the item key. Click “redeem” and begin your adventure!


* Please skip steps 1-3 if you are already a C9 player.

* Please note that only one code will be available per one account.




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